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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

+Can I Test Drive A Bronco Golf Cart?

Yes you can test drive we just need your name, email, phone number, and copy of your license.

+What's included?

Your custom cart includes the following:
Built on 2023 Navitas Chassis
Powerful 5kw Navitas Motor and Controller
Bolt Energy 51V 105ah Lithium Batteries
6" Lift kits
Customized Wheels
Customized Seats
Any Automotive Color
Remote Start Feature
Marine Grade Bluetooth Sound System
Comes with 4 Seats
Street Legal for Nashville
1 Year Drive Train Warranty
10 Year Battery Warranty

+Is there a warranty for this Bronco Golf Cart?

1 year drive train warranty, 10 year warranty for battery.

+How fast can this cart go?

The Custom Bronco Golf Cart comes governed at 25 MPH but can be unlocked to reach speeds up to 40 MPH.

+Where can I drive this cart?

You can drive on any road with a speed limit of 35 mph or under, as your cart is registered as a LSV (Low Speed Vehicle).

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